78P7200L 데이터시트 – Line Interface Transceiver IC – Teridian

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파트넘버 : 78P7200L

기능 : Line Interface Transceiver IC

패키지 : 28-pin PLCC, 48-pin TQFP

제조사 : Teridian Semiconductor

핀배열 :

78P7200L 데이터시트

상세내용 :

The 78P7200L is a line interface transceiver IC for E3, DS3, STS-1, North America T3 and ATM applications. It includes clock recovery and transmitter pulse shaping functions for applications using 75-ohm coaxial cable at distances up to 1100 feet. These applications include DSLAMs, T3/E3 digital multiplexers, SONET Add/Drop multiplexers, PDH equipment, DS3 to Fiber optic and microwave modems and ATM WAN access for routers and switches. The receiver recovers clock, positive data and negative data from an AMI signal. It can compensate for over 12dB of cable and 6dB of flat loss. The transmitter generates a signal that meets the standard pulse shape requirements.


78P7200L 데이터시트

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