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파트넘버 : ATS2800

기능 : S2800 Series L2 Gigabits Managed Switch

제조사 : Unspecified

핀배열 :
ATS2800 datasheet

상세설명 :

The  ATS  S2800  Series  switch  is  Gigabits  intelligent security  access  switch  for  enterprise  and  MAN networks. It supports comprehensive QoS, enhanced VLAN functions (Vlan VPN, Voice Vlan, QinQ, etc), classified  bandwidth  control,  multi  link  aggregation,  intelligent  security  control,  which  fulfill  the  network requirements for Gigabits to desktop, server farm connection, MAN security access, and so on.

The 2800 series GE intelligent switch has 4 types include S2800-26T, S2800-50T, The product designed for ipv4 and ipv6 dual stack network. With the abundant ipv6 features and full Gigabits rate, the product can stillwork for next generation enterprise network.

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ATS2800 pdf

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