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파트넘버 : HEF4051B

기능 : 8-channel analogue multiplexer/demultiplexer

제조사 : NXP Semiconductors.

핀배열 :

HEF4051B datasheet


The HEF4051B is an 8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer with three address inputs (S1 to S3), an active LOW enable input (E), eight independent inputs/outputs (Y0 to Y7) and a common input/output (Z).

The device contains eight bidirectional analog switches, each with one side connected to anindependent input/output (Y0 to Y7) and the other side connected to a common input/output (Z). With ELOW, one of the eight switches is selected (low-impedance ON-state) by S1 to S3. With EHIGH, all switches are in the high-impedance OFF-state, independent of S1 to S3. If break before make is needed, then it is necessary to use the enable input.

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