KA8503 데이터시트 – Low Voltage Speech Network – Samsung

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파트넘버 : KA8503

기능 : Low Voltage Speech Network

패키지 : DIP 18 핀

제조사 : Samsung

상세설명 :

The KA8503 is a telephone low voltage speech network which includes mic amp. transmit amp, side-tone amp, receive amp. It handles the voice signal performing the 2/4 wire interface and changing the gain on both sending and receiving amplifiers to compensate for line attenuation by sensing the line length through the line current. Application  dependent parameters such as amplitude of each amp, sidetone level line balance, and frequency response are controlled by external components. Each gain can be controlled by external component exchange. The receiver output driving capability is adjustable.



특징 :

1. Adjust Sending and Receiving Attenuation Length
2. Mute Function
3. Side Tone Balance Network Constitution
4. Low Voltage Operating
5. AC Impedance Matching
6. Uses in Inexpensive Components (5 Capacitors & 10 Resistors)
7. Uses a minimum of external components

KA8503 데이터시트

KA8503 pdf