LA76810 데이터시트 PDF – SANYO -> Panasonic

LA76810 데이터시트를 통해서 부품의 기능 및 제조사와 핀배열을 확인 할 수 있습니다.

파트넘버 : LA76810
기능 : LA76810 / color TV signal-processing IC
제조사 : SANYO -> Panasonic

핀배열 :
LA76810 datasheet

상세설명 :

As generation after generation of color TV signal-processing IC is developed, and as rationalization progresses in the design of these ICs, the companies that produce these ICs find themselves in a battle not just for market share, but for their very survival. TV manufacturers, who are facing the rapid collapse of prices in consumer products, now strongly desire both support for global products and reduced total costs in the ICs for these products. To respond to these needs, Sanyo has developed the LA76810 Series of single-chip color TV signal-processing ICs.


Reference Datasheet :

LA76810A Datasheet PDF


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LA76810 pdf

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