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파트넘버 : MCP73831T

기능 : Miniature Single-Cell, Fully Integrated Li-Ion, Li-Polymer Charge Management Controllers

제조사 : Microchip Technology

핀배열 :

MCP73831T datasheet


The MCP73831/2 devices are highly advanced linear charge management controllers for use in space
limited, cost-sensitive applications. The MCP73831/2 are available in an 8-Lead, 2 mm x 3 mm DFN package or a 5-Lead, SOT-23 package.

Along with their small physical size, the low number of external components required make the MCP73831/2 ideally suited for portable applications. For applications charging from a USB port, the MCP73831/2 adhere to all the specifications governing the USB power bus.

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MCP73831T pdf

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