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파트넘버 : SE555

기능 : PRECISION TIMERS – NA555, NE555, SA555, SE555

제조사 : Texas Instruments

핀배열 :
SE555 datasheet

상세설명 :

These devices are precision timing circuits capable of producing accurate time delays or oscillation. In the time-delay or monostable mode of operation, the timed interval is controlled by a single external resistor and capacitor network. In the astable mode of operation, the frequency and duty cycle can be controlled independently with two external resistors and a single external capacitor.

The threshold and trigger levels normally are two-thirds and one-third, respectively, of Vcc. These levels can be altered by use of the control-voltage terminal. When the trigger input falls below the trigger level, the flip-flop is set, and the output goes high. If the trigger input is above the trigger level and the threshold input is above the threshold level, the flip-flop is reset and the output is low.


The reset (RESET) input can override all other inputs and can be used to initiate a new timing cycle. When RESET goes low, the flip-flop is reset, and the output goes low. When the output is low, a low-impedance path is provided between discharge (DISCH) and ground.

The output circuit is capable of sinking or sourcing current up to 200 mA. Operation is specified for supplies of 5 V to 15 V. With a 5-V supply, output levels are compatible with TTL inputs.

• Timing From Microseconds to Hours
• Astable or Monostable Operation
• Adjustable Duty Cycle
• TTL-Compatible Output Can Sink or Source up to 200 mA

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SE555 pdf

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