SM3732 데이터시트 – USB2.0 PC Camera Controller – Silicon Motion

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파트넘버 : SM3732

기능 : USB2.0 PC Camera Controller

패키지 : QFN 40 핀

제조사 : Silicon Motion


SM3732 데이터시트


The SM3732 is a highly integrated single chip image controller for USB 2.0 PC camera solution. It supports CMOS image sensor with up to 5.0 mega-pixels. With the embedded clock oscillation circuit, Finite Time Programming memory, and LDO, the SM3732 can reduce the BOM cost and IC real estate for camera module design, resulting in smaller form factor and more competitive camera products to the market. The SM3732 supports UVC (USB Video Class) in Windows XP (Service Pack 2/3), Windows Vista and Windows 7 environments, making the PC camera a convenient plug-and-play USB PC camera just like a USB disk.


  1. USB Specification Revision 2.0 and 1.1 compliant
  2.  Image Processing Functions
    – Auto exposure statistics supports 25 windows
    – Histogram statistics
    – Auto white balance statistics
    – Auto focus statistics
  3. Output Format Support
    – YUY2
    – 8-bit/10-bit RGB raw data
    – MJPEG 4:2:2

SM3732 데이터시트

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