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파트넘버 : TMP007

기능 : Infrared Thermopile Sensor with Integrated Math Engine in Chip-Scale Package

제조사 : Texas Instruments

핀배열 :

TMP007 datasheet


The TMP007 is an infrared (IR) thermopile sensor that measures the temperature of an object without contacting the object. The integrated thermopile absorbs the infrared energy emitted from the object in
the sensor field of view. The thermopile voltage is digitized and provided as an input to the integrated math engine, along with the die temperature (TDIE).

The math engine then computes the corresponding object temperature. Default calibration and thermal transient coefficients are stored in the built-in nonvolatile EPROM memory. Application specific values can be stored for improved accuracy. An alert function is available, and can be programmed in either comparator or interrupt mode. The TMP007 is compatible with I2C and SMBus
interfaces, and allows up to eight devices on one bus.

Low power consumption along with low operating voltage is ideal for battery-powered applications.

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