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파트넘버 : U842B-FP

기능 : Wiper Control for Intermittent and Wipe/ Wash Mode

제조사 : Temic Semiconductors

핀배열 :

U842B-FP datasheet


The U842B circuit is designed as an interval and wipe/ wash timer for automotive wiper control. The
interval pause can be set in a range from 3 s to 11 s by an external 1-kpotentiometer. Wipe/wash mode has priority over the interval mode. The U842B controls the wiper motor with/without park switch signal.


The integrated relay driver is protected against short circuits and is switched to conductive condition in the case of a load-dump. With only a few external components, protection against RF interference and
transients (ISO/TR 7637-1/3) can be achieved.


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U842B-FP pdf

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