ZEN1020P 데이터시트 PDF

ZEN1020P 데이터시트를 통해서 부품의 기능 및 제조사와 핀배열을 확인 할 수 있습니다.

파트넘버 : ZEN1020P

기능 : Z80 for the interrupt controller

제조사 : Unspecified

핀배열 :

ZEN1020P datasheet


* Z80 Programmable Interrupt Controller

* 8 level up to support the cause of interrupt mode 2

* interrupt mask for each interrupt source, specify the vector address is programmable

* It can form a daisy chain

* Maximum clock frequency 8MHz

* Low power consumption by CMOS process adopted

* + 5v single supply

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ZEN1020P pdf

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